We really like to hook you up at the Las Vegas 5K™! Register for the race and choose from three of our event give-away options. You will also receive exclusive access to the Las Vegas 5K™ Virtual Swag Bag.

We have partnered with Virtual Race Bags to produce a ‘virtual swag bag’ in an effort to ‘go green’ and provide additional benefits to our participants. As a participant of this year’s event, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email invitation to the Virtual Swag Bag on May 9th. In the bag you will find an array of valuable information including exclusive offers, coupons, giveaways and messages from our sponsors.

But wait, there’s more! After the event, participants will receive a ‘Thank You’ email invitation to visit their bag and have a final opportunity to take advantage of the offers and goodies before the bag closes - as the bag is only available for a limited time. So watch for the Virtual Race Bag and Get Your Green On!